Elder Tribe Holiday Album Proposal for C&F Bank

Elder Tribe is a family band styled music group of producer DJs, singer/songwriters, poets, rappers. Formerly known as Beauty is Our Weapon DJ and Performance Crew, Elder Tribe was reborn in late 2019 as the core members, The Elder family (Rasul, Kari, and Kambridge) have remained diligent to the creative process. As Elder Tribe, we have already released three songs available for streaming on all major platforms, “Star Tetrahedron,” “Galactic Anthem,” and “Friday the 14th (Cheap Cheep).” We have also released a number of powerful and socially relevant songs available on our respective YouTube and SoundCloud pages, that are featured on our project Star Tetrahedron Limited Edition EP. The EP is available on our website: www.theeldertribe.com/home 


In addition to making music, Elder Tribe is very focused on networking and community building. That’s why our Chief, Rasul Elder created Offworld Network, a new live broadcasting network and platform, not only for us, but for other music artists and creatives of all kinds to share their content. OffWorld Network currently has 3 shows broadcasting weekly and many more in the works.

 We are excited about potentially partering with you for to provide holiday cheer this winter season!


  • Winter Wonderland

  • The Christmas Song

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas

  • Sliegh Ride

  • This Christmas

  • Someday at Christmas

The cost to produce this record will be the $500 per song including mixing mastering and graphic design. Includes co - publishing writes for 2020 season. Reprints each year at $250 per 1000 cds printed after 2020.

Elder Tribe will cover the licensing fee for the cover songs.

Elder Tribe would like to retain the digital distribution writes to the music.



Elder Tribe and C&F Bank have an opportunity to partner with a Richmond Jazz Legend Plunky!

He has agreed to perform on the record for an additional cost of $500 for 1 song and $250 per song after that.

Please visit his site and give him a listen for consideration.


Thank you for your time and consideration

Please Contact Rasul Elder for more info

740 408 5523