Luh Soldier Invite to Richmond, VA Dec 13th

Performance Contract

Henry Paige, henceforth known as "Promoter," agrees to contract Fabian Traylor, henceforth known as "Artist Representative," to provide, secure, and book Luh Soldier, henceforth known as "Artist” to perform original music at After 7 Lounge on December 13. 

Furthermore, the parties agree to the following:

Artist will perform original music at After 7 Lounge on December 13, for a period of not shorter than 20 mins. Beginning at 1:45 a.m.


The performance will specifically consist of original Luh Soldier songs.


Promoter will pay Artist $5,000 as compensation for this performance, payable via wire transfer and cash and according to the following plan: Half upfront, ie. $2,500 cash to be wire transferred into the account of Artist Representative upon the signing of this contract. The remaining $2,500 will be paid to Artist Representative in cash at After 7 Lounge upon Artist arrival (no later than 1:30 a.m.) and receipt of flash drive for DJ (see below).

Following the initial payment video “Promo Drop” in which Artist appears and states that he will be performing in Richmond, Virginia at the After 7 Lounge on December 13th.

Setup for the performance will be the responsibility of Promoter and Artist Representative. Promoter is responsible for providing the venue with proper sound equipment, DJ, and performance space for Artist to perform. Artist Representative will provide Promoter with Artist original music in the form of .wav or .mp3 music files on flash drive for the DJ upon arrival.

Promoter will provide additional assistance such as engineers, setup assistants, etc., if applicable.

Promoter will also provide a safe and comfortable environment for the Artist to relax in the venue before and after the performance .

If Promoter cancels the performance at any time before the performance date, he will forfeit the deposit. If this cancellation takes place after the artist has traveled to Virginia. Promoter would then be responsible for travel cost of Artist and Artist Representative. 

Artist may cancel the performance. Doing so will require refunding of the original deposit. Artist maybe liable for any other damages as a result of cancellation. Such as the cost of promotion.


This contract is enforceable according to the laws and regulations of the state of Virginia.

Henry Paige
1001 E. Byrd St. Richmond, VA 23219