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How Does OFFWorld LiveConcerts Work?

Setup a free account & schedule your LiveStream. Promote it to your nationwide fanbase, perform, & get paid.


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We handle the stream, provide the virtual ticket portal, and the bandwidth! Audio mixer software provided for multi-channel & backtracks.


Generous revenue share on virtual Tickets sold + a virtual Tip Jar!

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With OFFWorld LiveConcerts, you can produce HD live stream video performances and sell pay-per-view virtual Tickets. Your fans can watch from any device. OFFWorld LiveConcerts expands your virtual Ticket sales reach to EVERY SINGLE FAN.

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These days, your Fans live online. Our platform was created to bring you together for an engaging, unique, show experience.

Ready to Stream?

With no up front costs, see how OFFWorld LiveConcerts can become the most profitable shows you’ve ever played.

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  • Live chat directly with Fans during your set

  • Simple & transparent eContract for each show

  • Custom Promo Pack creator tools

  • 1-on-1 support from your Booking Rep.

  • We handle all customer service! 

  • eliminates the high cost of touring.