Beauty is Still Our Weapon but Call Us Elder Tribe

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Beauty is Still Our Weapon but Call Us Elder Tribe

Friends and Supporters, We hope you are doing well. It has been a while since we’ve touched bases but we are back and still working! Thank you for subscribing to this email list, at whatever point in history you did. We are grateful to be renewed and restored creatively, and better than ever! This year has given most of us the desire to really tune in to what’s truly important, and pursue our biggest dreams - to walk in our purpose. The same rings true for us. As we, Rasul "The Knowbody" Elder, KEE the Dragonfly, and K. the Bassholder, still carry the moniker “Beauty is Our Weapon” to be used to tear down walls, heal, and unite us; we are even more so a family dedicated to community, networking, building, and growth. We are Elder Tribe.

Our New Music As Elder Tribe, we have already released three songs available for streaming on all major platforms, “Star Tetrahedron,” “Galactic Anthem,” and “Friday the 14th (Cheap Cheep).” We have also released a number of great and relevant songs available on our respective YouTube channels and SoundCloud pages, that are featured on our new project Star Tetrahedron Limited Edition EP. You can listen to and purchase the songs, or purchase the EP on our new website: Follow Us On Spotify

“Cosmic... West Coast... East Coast... Midwest... Trap House... It's all in the Milky Way. Milky Way music!" - Rasul the Knowbody, Galactic Anthem -


About Offworld Network We are a lot more focused on networking and community building these days. That’s why our Chief has worked very hard to create Offworld Network, a new live broadcasting network and platform, not only for us, but for music artists and creatives to share their (and hopefully your) work! We’re kicking it off with Season One of the Know Particular Order Podcast and Ingredience Weekly Top 10 Music Video Countdown. Ingredience Weekly is a fun, online community based celebration of creativity! We are currently casting and accepting submissions for Season One, which runs every Tuesday from September 29 through December 1, 2020. It is an enjoyable way to join in the live streaming revolution for content creators and music enthusiasts alike! For more information, visit us at: Check out Know Particular Order Podcast every Monday starting September 28 on Twitch


Watch  Plunky & Oneness Music for Change

Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 7 PM (ET)

For more information visit Plunky & Oneness' Website


Stay Up to Date with Us! Our daily and weekly updates are posted on our forum and blog. Follow the link below to stay in-the-know with Offworld Network and Elder Tribe's latest releases and events.  Again, thank you for the support. You’ll hear from us again soon, as we look forward to continuing the journey with you!  Peace and Love!

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