Expression is Power Over Time

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

"In these trying times..." I know, I know. It seems like everyone is saying that these days, right? Some people truly believe that it is "The End." Also, I'm sure the title of this may seem like a physics equation. In a sense, it is. It goes deeper than math and science most of rarely use, though. As many of us have witnessed grief and death very personally, it is hard to see a light anywhere in sight. It is important to remember that while we are still here though, while we still have breath in our bodies, we must use our voices powerfully. That is the point.

There are great examples of people using even distanced communication to feel closer to others, as we embrace whatever "the new normal" continuously unfolds into being. So much great music has dropped this year with empowering messages of encouragement. One of my personal favorites is Jhené Aiko's song "Speak" for which she just recently released a beautiful music video. I also can't mention expression without acknowledging the protests that have arisen globally to vocalize solidarity for the rights of black people and in the Black Lives Matter movement. Black lives do indeed matter!!! Just needed to use my own platform to amplify that message for anyone who didn't get it.

Even in the celebrity losses we've experienced, there's been an overwhelming call to use our time wisely and our voices as frequently as possible. The late legend Kobe Bryant's passing early this year, lead many to listen to his Oscar-winning poem "Dear Basketball" for the first time, changing their perspective on who he was as a human. It made us all aware that we all have passions outside of who we seem to be. We are to stop at nothing to fulfill our greater purposes in the time we have here.

The senses are our greatest gifting. Visual artists, doctors, and electricians, etc., primarily use touch and sight. Chefs use touch, smell, and taste. Musicians of all kinds, use vibrations of sound, and voices (instruments are voices). Dancers and other athletes, as well as those in the service industry, use pretty much their entire bodies! When you really think about it though, we all use all of our senses to relate to each other and our entire experience. It is clear. The time is now, y'all! It isn't easy for all of us, but it is necessary. 2020 is proof that we have no time to waste. Share your story in whatever way best suits you. Just whatever you do, don't keep it inside of you. You never know who you may help, meet, or inspire.

Find and USE Your Voice
“Purpose crosses disciplines. Purpose is an essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history.”

- Chadwick Boseman, Howard University, 2018

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