The streets have been buzzin' about Nicki Minaj's exit from the game. Some will say she took the high road, after getting married & giving birth. She had definitely achieved the level of success that she had always dreamed of!! Other people will say that Cardi B ended her career. I'm not sure which way to lean, because I was once a genuine fan of Nicki's & I thoroughly enjoyed the shots that she took at other female artists on her way to the top.. But you know what they say, "The same people you see on your way up, are the same people you'll see on your way down!" Nicki Minaj definitely had her turn on top, and she did produce breaking numbers. Let's be real though, Remy Ma crushed her on "Shelter", and that was a minute before the Cardi B beef. Was that the beginning of the end for Nicki's rap career?? I don't know, but I do know that we need some more competitive female rappers in the game. Doja Cat is not gonna bring us that gritty hip hop feel that we're starving for, so where does that leave us true hip hop heads?? I'm putting my money on some new faces in 2021.

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Speaking of new faces...What's really good with super rap group Dipset?? They got back together to release "Diplomatic Ties", and the album was a solid one. Each member shined in their own perspective lane, BUT I was a little disappointed that "Hell Rell" didn't make a guess appearance. After all, he is one of the best lyricist in the group!! Is it true that the Bronx bar spitter is officially dubbed from the group?? We thought that everybody was putting all their differences aside for this reunion. If that's true, then where was Rugar Rell?? We needed him to bring that metaphor fueled flow that he's known for. Cam did good, and Jimmy seems to have found his swag, but neither of them can give us what Hell Rell can!!

I'm sure that rapper "Ja Rule" thought it was a good idea to try to make a comeback, but it wasn't!! It's too late for the ex Murder Inc frontman. He let "50 Cent" end his career in the early 2000's, and he hasn't been able to bounce back since. Not even his awful singing could revive his wave. Showing up on "Wendy Williams" to assist singer "Ashanti" was cool, but that wasn't an invitation back into the hip hop world. After all, "YFN Lucci" has taken over that lane!! Getty Images


It wouldn't be right if we didn't speak on the whole "Megan Thee Stallion" & "Tory Lanez" beef. Where do I start?? First of all, what kind of street n*gga accidentally shoots a female on camera?? Yo Tory, you're wild for that one my G!! Now you're facing 23 years in prison if convicted, and your career was just taking off. "The New Toronto 3" album was a banger, and your long list of features were becoming more elite. But on the flip side, why is Megan Thee Stallion releasing a dis-track after she dry snitched on the man?? We seen the videos Megan, and while we understand that you're a beautiful black successful woman, you can't have it both ways!! You're talking street sh%t in your music, but you're not abiding by the code of the streets. I personally think that this whole incident is some bs, and now the law is involved. Tory Lanez will most likely go to jail, and that'll be a loss for the hip hop culture. We don't believe that Megan should be being attacked though, not after suffering from such a traumatic experience. However, she should definitely pick a lane & stay in it!!


"504 Connect" has definitely been going hard for her brand!! Modeling for some of the most elite clothing companies as a brand ambassador, and also giving her Instagram followers something to talk about. The super curvaceous beauty isn't shy when it comes to success, and we're sure that New Orleans is backing her.

As the cover model of Phatty Girl's first volume, 504 Connect's layout left customers begging for more!! And more is what she gave them. Getting her body shaped & molded by a cosmetic surgeon only gave her more sex appeal, and we've been dying for her to do a photoshoot with us. So, 504 Connect if you're reading this, come f*ck with the MagLandMedia movement & we will treat you like the saint you are!! Yeah, I know..A little cheesy, but we had to do it. lol. Shout out to 504 Connect!!

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