Roddy Ricch is killin' the game right now with his sing songy flow & trap content. "Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial" is one of the most talked about albums in 2020, but the question still remains is Roddy Ricch really living what he's rapping about?? Does it truly matter when he's releasing songs like "Prayers To The Trap God", and the production is as hypnotic as his wordplay?! I'm definitely rockin' with the young paperchaser, even if I'm not sure how authentic his trap life is.


"Just Cause Y'all Waited" came at the perfect time, because we were starting to lose focus of one of Chicago's young gunnas Lil Durk. He has definitely given us a solid catalog to lean to, and his street cred does match his lyrical persona. On "My Bruddas" Durk tells a chilling tale of his loyalty & upbringing with his bruddas, and the realness found in his voice is convincingly honest. We gotta tilt our hat to Lil Durk for staying true to his wave!!


Kevin Gates can do no wrong in the eyes of the streets, and that's an actual fact!! "Only Generals Gon Understand" is a preview of Kevin Gates greatness. "Big Gangsta" is a lyrical assault on catchy production. His flow is merged into the beat literally, and you'll find yourself missing something if you don't pay attention. Can we stamp Kevin Gates as the best new era artist??? Hit us up with your opinion..bagchasers2k20@gmail.com


We're still mobbin' with Maybach Music Group, and it's no secret that Meek Mill is the heir to the throne right behind Rick Ross. Does that mean that we can't buy into the Gunplay wave??!! I'm sold that he's nice enough for us to pay attention to, and he proved his worth on "Active." After beef with G-Unit's notorious front man 50 Cent, Miami's self made gangsta is still reppin' hard for the streets!! "Cheap Thrills" featuring Rozay himself is a classic glimpse into the future of what Gunplay is bringing to the game, and he's most comfortable bragging about how he made it out of the mud.



Sneak peek into the world of prison cuisine.

Prison "Crack Cake"© (M&M's Brownie Cake)


10 packs of duplex cookies

2 small milk bags=(1/2 Cup)

1/2 bag of M&M's

(Optional: 1 pack serving of lemonade or strawberry lemonade drink mix)

Separate the frost off of the cookies, and place into a bowl. Crush up your cookies very good, and place it into a bag. Add a little bit of milk at a time, and mix it until it locks up & turn into a solid form. Put some gloves on, take it out of the bag & mix it up with your hands. Then make it in a circular shape. Take a little bit of milk & apply it to the frosting, then whip it with a spork until it loosen up & have a creamy texture. You can add a drink mix into it for a more exquisite taste. Spread frosting on cake, and then add your M&M's.



4 Iced oatmeal cookies

3 Cream cheese packs

9 Strawberry granola bars

For your crust you crush up your iced oatmeal cookies very good. Next, you crush up your strawberry granola bars as fine as possible. Add your cream cheese, and mix evenly. Put your mix in the microwave for 30 seconds, to make it easier to stir with a spork. Add a little bit of water to the crushed cookies, and form your crust in a circular shape with a deep dish. Spread the filling inside the crust, and use a spork to even it out. Let it sit on ice for a hour or two until it stiffen up, then it's ready to eat.

Real Prison Cuisine 101, Cooking For Cons.






The streets of Norfolk, Virginia produced the gorgeous bar spitter Pretty Savage! Unlike some female rappers, Pretty Savage doesn't rely on her looks to excel. With a raw & skillful flow, she has demolished track after track on her climb to the top! Being signed by "G Herbo" was only a plus. On "Face Time" she seduces us with a seductive metaphor of getting some face, and the video was just as appealing as her wordplay. We're crowning Pretty Savage as the "Queen of Virginia," and it's our advice that y'all go check out her music! @officialpretttysavage


Molly Brazy is undoubtedly one of the best female rapper to emerge onto the rap scene in the past few years! With a slow & steady flow, Molly is seen as a lyrical threat. On songs like "Trippin", "Uh Huh", & "Built 2 Last" she displays her ability, and she unapologetically bodies the production on each track. I can't deny having to rewind her raunchy flow on "Wood", because she claims to take it like a big girl! Molly Brazy is definitely a problem that's set to takeover the game. Check for her @mollybrazy



Lady Savage is a huge personality in the industry. As an artist, her raunchy wordplay & ride or die demeanor is enough to have the streets begging for more!! Online as a social media influencer, Lady Savage is serious about her work. Endorsing brands & mingling with celebrities is her day to day lifestyle. Not to mention, she has become the perfect representative for M.A.D.E Collections Magazine. When it comes to embracing & working along with artists to ensure that their brand is properly represented, Lady Savage is no stranger to getting it done.

From city to city she has created a following that's loyal to her racket punchlines!! Who knows, she may be in your DM soon -- especially if you're poppin'!! Shout out to Lady Savage for holding it down since the beginning, because only a few females are willing to get it from the mud. @ladysavage5



I've personally always been the type that rooted for the bad guys in every movie or situation, because it's just something about the villains that intrigue me. So, when Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent first dropped "How To Rob" I was hooked!

The Jamaica Queens rapper went at everybody that was somebody on that track, spittin' lines like "Jigga just sold 4 million, he got somethin' to live for/He don't want me fallin' through that Bentley coupe door!" With all the controversy that goes on in the Hip Hop culture, a dis-record wasn't nothing to write home about. The 50 Cent took aim at Murder Inc's front man Ja Rule, and his attack was relentless!! "Wanksta" opened the door for a new wave to flood the industry, and that wave was "G-Unit." Ja Rule had the game on smash, and he decided to ignore 50's aggressive approach. A string of G-Unit radio mixtapes were released, and Ja Rule & his Murder Inc camp was crucified by Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent himself. Quoting popular lines from hit movies like "House Party", 50 chanted "I smell pussy, is that you Ja!"

G-Unit began to takeover the underground circuit, and 50 Cent wasn't easing up. His debut album "Get Rich Or Die Trying" changed the face of Hip Hop!! It was a new sound for gangster rap, and it crushed the airwaves. "P.I.M.P", "Many Men", and the list of hit records go on. It was no doubt that Get Rich Or Die Trying was a classic!!

Outside of rap music, 50 Cent began to invest in other ventures like "Spring Water" & sneaker deals, making him a multimillionaire over night! His clout in the game began to take shape, and his Gorilla Unit grew stronger. Nashville rapper "Young Buck" joined the roster, followed by Compton's very own "The Game" & singer "Oliver."

Who could deny that 50's influence & power was near unstoppable. Teaming up with "Dr Dre" gave G-Unit's sound more depth, and it wasn't long before 50 lashed out at rappers in the game again. This time his target was widespread as he insulted big names like "Fat Joe" & "Jadakiss." His "Piggy Bank" song almost proved to be a mistake, as rappers retaliated with their own dis-records on Curtis Jackson. This was the first time that 50 Cent had ever felt the heat in the kitchen. Before rappers like "Jay-Z" & "Big Pun" only gave him one line responses. Sean Carter said "I'm about a dollar, what the f%ck is 50 Cent?!" While Big Pun take a more direct approach saying "To that 50 Cent rapper, ha ha ha get your sh%t off/Cuz he don't know in real life, I'll blow

his murtha f%ckin' head off!"

50 Cent survived the backlash as his once admired entourage began to fall apart. Tony Yayo was sent back to jail for a violation, and rapper The Game recorded & shot the video for his "Certified Gangstas" single featuring "Jim Jones." All of this was done without 50 Cent's approval, and that was enough to put a thorn in his relationship with the Cedar Block Piru rapper. Needless to say, when it was all said & done, shots were fired in front of a New York radio station & The Game launched a "G-Unot" campaign against his old comrades.

Despite 50 Cent's genus, controversy never seemed to stop following him, and being messy became his M.O! Publicly breaking up with actress "Vivica Fox" to starting a war of words with "Rick Ross!" No one in their right mind could deny that his antics does make for good TV.

With all that being said, 50 Cent is still managing to produce hit television shows such as "Power", "50 Central", & "For Life." His impact on the entertainment world has been both remarkable & influential, and some of his projects will be on the list of reruns years from now.

As much as I would like to say that it doesn't pay to be an a-hole, I have to hold my tongue on that one. Millions of dollars later 50 Cent is still winning with the soul of a bad guy!!



Love is such a complicated & complexed emotion, but it's something that we all strive to have in our lives. I've had a personally revolution with love, and at one point in my life I thought that I had it all figured out. I told myself that I just had to totally dedicate myself to finding love, and to generating love through my special someone. Then I had to stop & ask myself, is love always enough?

I've had my share of relationships, and I've built them all differently. Some I've rushed emotionally, and others that I've taken my time & built. I've noticed that they all start off strong, with a mutual understanding that "Forever" is our ultimate goal, BUT somewhere down the line "We" always seemed to fall short. My fault for fast forwarding straight into love, I guess I should've mentioned that I'm incarcerated first.

Still, from what I've been told, love has no limits or boundaries. So, how could my being confined within a prison cell prevent love from finding me?? At this point, I've heard it all twice, and those past breakups have made me grow skeptical about the process. Yet, I still want to vouch for SOME incarcerated men, especially the ones that are desperate to share their hearts with a beautiful woman. Yeah, loving someone who's locked up poses certain challenges, but it can also invoke something more stable within a relationship.

Example: Women in society find men all the time who appear to be what they want, but once sex is added into the equation they realize that "He" isn't who she/they thought he was.

On the flip side, with an incarcerated man, women are deprived of the physical pleasures of sex, but they're given the emotional connection that they've been longing for....Which one is more important?? Confusing, I know! And that's my reason for asking is love always enough?


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