Ingredience Weekly Episode 2 Top Ten

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Congratulations to the top 10 videos in this week's episode!

Biggest congrats goes to the #1 video and winner of $100, Dog Food - Pip Cartier!

Check out the #1 video, and be sure to subscribe to his team's YouTube!

Also, check out the other 9 winners!

Bamboo MC - Puerto Ricans

Numinous the Bard - Just Breathe

Azia - Eat It Up

P The Emcee - $carFace

WaTusi - These Days

I, Star - Root Down

Plunky & Oneness - Rise

N$A Millie - Hidden Tears

Dolla Bill - Rain Drops

Congrats again to everyone who made the Top Ten in Episode 2!

Be sure to check out the full episode on YouTube

and be sure to tune in next week to Know Particular Order Podcast Episode 3, Monday at 7pm (ET), and Ingredience Weekly Episode 3, Tuesday at 7pm (ET)!

To submit your music video(s) to Ingredience Weekly, visit!

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