Ingredience Weekly Episode 6 Top Ten

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Congratulations to the top 10 videos in this week's episode! Special huge congrats goes to the #1 video and winner of $100, Million Dollars (Live) - Nes Wordz! In his physical absence, we will be giving the winnings to his family.

Sorely missed and forever in our hearts, Nes Wordz! Check out the #1 video!

Check out the other 9 winners!

Hiatus - Mookie Da Don

MK Ultra - WaTuSi

Godspell - Bamboo MC x Shawn Dinero

Plates with Snakes - AZIA

Get the Bag - Kula Voncille

Freedom - Parkboy Shad

Martin Luther - Jander

Marriage to Juana - Rahim Henderson

Pip Cartier - Dog Food

Congrats again to everyone who made the Top Ten in Episode 6! Be sure to check out the full episode here or on YouTube! Be sure to tune in next week to the Know Particular Order Podcast (Know P.O.P.) Episode 7, Monday at 7pm (ET), and Ingredience Weekly Episode 7, Tuesday at 7pm (ET)! To submit your music video(s) to Ingredience Weekly, visit!

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