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STEP ONE: Come up with a solid business idea, because that's the foundation to your whole business formula. Your business blueprint can change as you build your idea into a reality, but most times the underlined structure remains the same. Research your idea to the fullest, and then find out things like the total cost to create it, the competition that exist within that market, the profit margin you stand to make if your idea is successful, and the time frame that it will take for you to begin receiving funds. All these things will help you better form your company as you go, and it will also give you room to adjust as needed!

STEP TWO: Make sure that you register your company with the Business Corporation Commission within the state that you plan on operating in. This step is super important, because without a license or LLC/Corporation, you're not a legitimate company. This leaves room for someone to steal your ideas, patterns, or logos, because they're not protected by law. Also, by filing for a "LLC" you're protecting your personal assets from any sort of liability, and that's definitely needed for a start company or a well established one.

STEP THREE: Align yourself with individuals or entities that are also striving to achieve next level success, because associates carry a lot of weight within the business world! This could be an extremely powerful tool if you align your company with the right people. Resources are always needed when you're providing a service, so if you have a number of resourceful entities at your roundtable, then your company's value becomes greater!! To align your company with dead weight would be admitting that your corporation has no value. "Dead weight" in the business world is considered unreliable companies, unsuccessful companies, companies that have been rated poorly, and companies that haven't profited in an acceptable time frame.




Money Line Universal is a brand of clothing designed to represent the urban market. It's the new wave of street apparel that gives consumers confidence, motivation, & a stylish look for any occasion.





To have the Keyz To The City, you have to be puttin' in real work to be recognized & respected by the masses. 9Gotti is at the top of his game, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down!! We sat down with the trap pioneer, and found out what's really on his mind. You won't wanna miss this!!

Q: We've connected with a lot of rising stars for this edition, and they all seem to be in their own zone. What does your music represent?

A: First off, I want to say I appreciate y'all for reaching out to my movement, and let's get straight to it. I represent the underdogs, the struggle, the last of the Mohicans. Meaning the real, the trill, the have nots, the people who say what they want to say. Even though they're going to get ridiculed for it!

Q: Trap music isn't as popular as it once was, but the streets are always gonna have a place for it. How important is versatility when it comes to your sound?

A: Trap music is very popular, but I do believe if you don't evolve artistically, you can go extinct like a few dinosaurs did. The goal is to keep progressing the music. Therefore, trap music will never die, cuz the streets are always trapping! Don't let that go over your head, but I've been doing trap music since MySpace. I'm actually the reason that they got a genre for trap music. I still got the email from Google telling me that. Yeah, they say it's Gucci, they say it's Jeezy & T.I., but I promise you they didn't make the trap genre until I kept pushing that envelope when I uploaded my music. Me & my team "So Trap Music" will always be here, because trap music isn't just about drugs & killing, it's about a way of life! It's about the struggle & the strength of the power you feel when you come from nothing AKA make it out the trenches. AS FAR AS MY SOUND, I JUST DO ME, AND I'M DIFFERENT!! I can do any style I want, and infuse it with trap. That's just me! My bag for going off topic, I just wanted to speak my mind on this trap sh#t!!




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We never hold any punches when it's time for Exclusive Reviews, because our list of artists, models, products, etc are always the most talked about. We vowed to keep it 100% with our audience, so whether you like it or not, you gotta respect the truth!!



Renni Rucci has been killin' the rap scene with her notorious punchline flow! Her seductiveness on certain beats is extremely magnetic, and often leaves listeners beggin' for more. On songs like "Bitch Do It", she really shows why she's one of the most sought after female rappers in the game!! Not to mention, Ms. Renni Rucci is drop dead gorgeous!! Her raunchy wordplay on Bankroll Freddie's hit single "Lil Mama" is worthy of the Hip Hop cipher. If you haven't heard her spit, I personally advise you to experience it for yourself!! #SheBad #RealHipHop #HotBars

We had to check the trap in Tidewater to see what was really good, and we ended up getting the 4-1-1 on who got the streets on lock!!



Young Crazy has created a cult like following in the streets of Norfolk, Virginia. His lyrical abilities comes across as Moneybagg Yo on steroids!! On "Winning" he calls out the haters on their bullshit, and he isn't afraid to brag about how heavy his hammer is. "30 Murk Sumn" is a ridiculous street anthem that is sure to raise the murder rate!! Young Crazy is definitely a solid talent to check for.

The rumors were true about the "Soul Food" scene, so we have to set the record straight on that.



After going to school for culinary arts in 2013, Chef Towanda Bolton started her cooking business "Sapphires" in 2017. While I'm one of the toughest critics when it comes to food, I have to tilt my hat to the Norfolk, Virginia established Chef. Her dishes are some of the best in the Hampton Roads area, and no one in their right mind will argue this. Ms Bolton seems to be living out her dream, while putting nothing but love & soul into her dinners. For anyone looking to experience heaven on earth, hit her up on Instagram @chef_tbolton

Since the occurrence of "Covid-19" the NBA hasn't been as exciting, but the top players still have to perform every night on the floor.


(Needs Improvement)


Now that Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Washington Wizards for Point Guard John Wall, does "James Harden" have a better chance at winning a championship? The Houston Rockets don't seem to be getting better, and that's a tragedy for their franchise audience. We all know that James Harden is gonna put on a show each night that he hits the floor, but he really needs some help. Eric Gordon? Are y'all kidding me?? James needs someone that matches his skill level & intensity!! With so many people in agreement that he may go down in history as one of the greatest scorers to never get a ring, why does the Houston owners think that he would want to stay there alone. Sh%t, sending him to the Brooklyn Nets would be an entertaining move for NBA fans. After all, isn't it supposed to be all about them. Last year we were completely disappointed about how the Rockets exited out of the playoffs, especially when James Harden was a scoring machine. Cmon man, we need to see The Beard win one!!

A lot of female artists are using the same formulas to find success, but only a few are destine for greatness!!



CreolaDeville is possessed with the soul of a lyricist, and her chilling delivery on songs like "Top Class" forces us to acknowledge her as a monster!! This Woodbridge, Virginia cutie is next level, and it's easy to recognize the work that she has put into her craft. We all love a woman that's not scared to get a lil dirt on her hands, right? "Hercules" had my head nodding without warning, and I found myself pressing repeat before the song could end. We've reached out to CreolaDeville several times for an interview, but we've been unsuccessful with our attempts. I'm still a huge fan of her sound though, and I'm personally stamping her as a heavyweight female artist in the game!! #HotBars #BeautifulStruggle

I haven't been too impressed with the Hip Hop albums that have been dropping recently, but there's one that got my undivided attention.



I had to listen to Albee Al closely, because homie is really saying something for the streets to hear. On "King Opp" his wordplay is almost legendary, with lines like "I got my hood on my back & still stand straight!" The hungier in his delivery on "Don't Compare Me" is scary, and it forced me to press repeat several times. In an era where you rarely find a gully verse, Albee Al came with a bag of bloody money bars for the streets!! I gotta respect the aggressiveness of King Opp, and I recommend it for all my real Hip Hop lovers!

Exclusive TV+ is scheduled to drop a long list of shows starting in January on, so we gotta put y'all up on game!



If you want the full scoop, stay tuned for our next set of Exclusive Reviews. If you're on your "A-game", then the next blog I write might be about you!!

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