I can't breathe!

With the weight of them on my neck,

and it won't leave..

Too many dreams to be ignored,

but this place makes me invisible.

These gates seem so invincible,

but after being freed from this captivity,

you say I might not even remember them.

Why can't I escape my reality?

Why am I willing to accept a fairytale ending,

in a world where I could very much be a casualty.


you promised to serve & protect,

but instead you batter me.

So, the only pictures in my gallery,

are of the protests against police brutality.

These images don't rattle me,

because I've become accustom to being BLACK!

My skin tone has defined me since I was a child,

you said a change was gone come,

but I guess its gone be awhile.

Does my Black Life Matter?

Because I'm a part of the mass incarceration,

that incarcerated the black community.

Being afraid of law enforcement ain't nothing new to me.

We were never given the history that should be grooming me.

I'm talking about the virus that was killing us before the pandemic,

you can try to hide it,

but it has already been decided by a sentence..




It's easy to tell someone to rise above the "hate", when you're not the one that's being constantly ridiculed & criticized by people that hold no value to your heart.

When the term "Hatin'" or "Hater" was created, that was an accurate terminology for our culture. Instead of congratulating the next person's success, we would rather pick a part their accomplishments. This has been going on since the beginning of time, so that leads me to believe that it could be a generational disease of some sort. Not quite a virus or a physical sickness, but a mental disorder.

What would make a person despise someone else's success?? Let's take it a step further & pinpoint some of the more "petty" scenarios, like how individuals are targeted for their difference in swag. Swagger is a personal opinion or "like", the same as style. Some things appeal to others more then the next, but exposure dictates popularity in some occasions.

Beyond that, I'm forced to believe that all "haters" are born, (not made) because people are born with certain DNA traits that give them identity. I was personally raised to be competitive, but a part of who I am deep down is a competitor. Even after learning the moral campus of "good sportsmanship", I'm still a soar loser in private. This could be the same way that haters are wired, to understand but still not reframe themselves from indulging. The world has given the term (Haters) a bad stigma, because no one who's successful should be hatin' or even focused on anyone else's standings in life.

My question for my readers is simple.. Should we learn to live with HATE?? We're all wondering does it continue to grow in a person's heart or is it something that's controllable. I'm not the type to judge, but I am the type to point out "bs" when I see it. Success isn't something that's given to us who grew from the dirt, so I'm led to think that the struggle has humbled us. Giving us a way to accept our wins as well as our loses! I wish everyone that goes hard for their dreams all the success that they can handle, even if my way of thinking is foreign.

Hate or Hatin' isn't something that should be used as a tool of leverage, because the core idea of it is hurtful to the intended target. In this present day, it can be seen as a form of bullying. People are designed to be who they are, and no matter how different that may be, we should still learn to accept one another. Please STOP THE HATE!!!


In the early 90's Marion "Suge" Knight achieved extreme success with his West Coast movement of gangsta rappers, forming "Death Row Records" around a number of multi talented entrepreneurs. Suge Knight was a force to be reckoned with, because his underworld moves were backed by an unlimited cash flow that created a source of power. Rappers like Snoop Dogg & Tupac sent Death Row's sales through the roof, and with millions of albums sold they didn't seem to be slowing down. Even after losing super producer Dr Dre, their numbers continually increased!! And with Suge's new found stardom came an unfortunate amount of violence. However, his mastermind musical lineup changed the game, so Death Row Records will always go down in history as one of Hip Hop's most influential labels!!


How can we talk about success within the rap game without bringing up "Master P's" industry changing distribution deal with Universal Records. Percy Miller came into the rap world with a plan for "No Limits Records", and through all the turmoil & adversity that life threw at him, he still managed to take his movement to the top!! Southern rappers have always been seen as the underdogs, because the culture & sound of Hip Hop was being molded by the East & West Coast rappers. Master P was determined to put No Limit on the map, and his persistent push got him ahead of the game. Can anyone really argue that Percy's ambitious album releases didn't change the game?? It seemed as if he was dropping projects weekly, because his No Limit camp was clogging up the charts with hits!! While behind the scenes many of No Limit's artists were struggling to cut their street ties, and rapper "C-Murder" was the main one. No Limit became a household name, releasing movies, signing athletes to their sports management company, and buying lavish mansions in the suburban parts of New Orleans. We have acknowledge P as being a power mogul in the industry!!


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